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Our Mission

Our goal is to uphold the true spirit of Shotokan Karate, develop the character, mentor and empower the student and improve quality of life.

Develop Character

The art of developing the mind is more important than the art of applying technique

Mentor and Empower Students

First understand yourself, then understand others

Improve Quality of Life

Begin and end everything with respect.

What We Offer

Classes for All Students

No contract. Ever.
You get out of karate what you put into it. The personal commitment you make to learning and practicing will determine your outcome.

Adult Classes

Karate for adults will develop a high level of fitness when practiced regularly, as well as teaching practical self-defense techniques. The training can be demanding physically, mentally and spiritually, but is still accessible to those with physical limitations and those who are not yet fit. One of the aims of karate training is to increase the ability to focus the mind and develop a “don’t give in” attitude. Among the end results of karate training are increased strength, flexibility and coordination, as well as humility, inner strength, self-awareness and enhanced well-being.

Family Classes

Karate for families will bring them together in a shared activity with a common goal, bonding while enjoying the sense of family achievement.

Kid / Junior Classes

Karate for children and juniors, in addition to all the reasons above, will teach respect, responsibility, honor, good self-esteem, self-discipline and determination to succeed, as well as develop the physical attributes to carry through to other sports activities and encourage an active lifestyle. Proper karate training should help young people develop the confidence to resist bullying and peer pressure, while instilling the knowledge of when karate should not be used and when it is appropriate to defend oneself physically.



4:30-5:15 – Family Class

5:30-6:15 – Junior

6:30-7:15 – Adults


4:30-5:15 – Kids

5:30-6:15 – Junior Beginners

6:30-7:15 – Adults


4:30-5:15 – Family Class

5:30-6:15 – Junior

6:30-7:15 – Adults


4:30-5:15 – Kids Class

5:30-6:15 – Junior Beginners

6:30-7:15 – Adults


5:30-6:15 – Mixed Class

Private Lessons by Appointment

Sensei Tony (Middle) with two of his students.
Sensei Tony Hunt

Practicing Karate for over 40 years

Sensei Tony Hunt started Karate at the tender age of 25 years old – yes, as an adult. He had always wanted to take up martial arts and never had the courage to start. On his 25th birthday, as a birthday present to himself,  he joined a local club and has been enjoying it ever since. He was born and raised in Liverpool, England, and has lived in the US since 2002.

His rank is 4th dan black belt passed in February 1997, 3rd dan January 1992, 2nd dan in June 1988 and 1st dan November 1985, with Judge and Referee status. He has been a member of numerous Karate associations in the UK, such as Karate Union of Great Britain, Shotokan Karate of Great Britain, Liverpool Karate Association, Shotokan Karate Federation and co-founder of the National Shotokan Karate Association. He worked with the British government and the British Army as an unarmed combat advisor and instructor. He is presently a Technical Director with HDKI.

Both his children (now grown) have obtained black belts in Shotokan Karate as well.

A History of Shotokan Karate

Shotokan Karate is highly respected as one of the best systems of traditional Karate in the world. Originally developed in China, the techniques that evolved into Karate spread from Okinawa to Japan as a self-defense martial art called Budo. Karate’s popularity is widely credited to Master Gichin Funakoshi (1868-1957), who brought the art from Okinawa to Japan, giving numerous public demonstrations and establishing university Karate clubs. It was in Japan that Karate evolved into the systemized martial art we know today, and from there it spread around the world. Shotokan was among the first Karate systems to become popular outside of Japan, due in large part to many accomplished Japanese Karate masters traveling worldwide to teach this art. Master Funakoshi is often referred to as the father of modern Karate. His pen name was Shoto, which means “pine waves” and refers to the sound made by wind through pine trees, kan means “house,” so his students referred to the art he taught as Shotokan. The word Shotokan refers to the system devised originally by Funakoshi, as opposed to other types of Karate. The practice of Shotokan is based on the philosophy “ikken hisatsu,” meaning a single blow must decide all.

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Visit our dojo located in the heart of downtown Auburn. We are dedicated to teaching the Okinawan style of Karate known as Shotokan.

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