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Karate for adults will develop a high level of fitness when practiced regularly, as well as teaching practical self-defense techniques. The training can be demanding physically, mentally and spiritually, but is still accessible to those with physical limitations and those who are not yet fit. One of the aims of karate training is to increase the ability to focus the mind and develop a "don't give in" attitude. Among the end results of karate training are increased strength, flexibility and coordination, as well as humility, inner strength, self-awareness and enhanced well-being.

Karate for families will bring them together in a shared activity with a common goal, bonding while enjoying the sense of family achievement.

Karate for children and juniors, in addition to all the reasons above, will teach respect, responsibility, honor, good self-esteem, self-discipline and determination to succeed, as well as develop the physical attributes to carry through to other sports activities and encourage an active lifestyle. Proper karate training should help young people develop the confidence to resist bullying and peer pressure, while instilling the knowledge of when karate should not be used and when it is appropriate to defend oneself physically.

We do not require a contract, ever. You get out of karate what you put into it. The personal commitment you make to learning and practicing will determine your outcome.

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